Legal Disclaimer


Asset Risk Company ("ARC") is a research and consulting firm founded to conduct research into the economic determinants of commodity futures price movements. ARC is not a licensed or listed advisor, commodity pool operator, commodity merchant, broker nor fund. ARC uses exchange provided prices and information in the building of its proprietary models and indicators. Nothing on the website, in email correspondence, through printed material or verbally should be construed as advice. Furthermore, all traded products referenced in the research and modeling are the sole properties of the respective listing exchange. ARC makes no implied nor explicit claims to those products.


Commodity futures trading is highly risky. The contracts are leveraged and can move very quickly against the investor. Nothing in the correspondence of ARC or of its members or employees should be understood as an inducement or invitation to trade these products. The discussion of the modeling and trading on this website and all correspondence from ARC is intended for a sophisticated user who understands the limitations of modeling and the risk of the traded products. ARC's models and opinions should never form the sole basis of a trading strategy or model. ARC makes no claims as to the fitness for use nor applicability of its models.


ARC may exhibit "FACTOR TILTED" or "FACTOR REPLICATING" portfolios or indexes. The returns exhibited in any such presentation are purely academic. They are constructed from settlement prices disseminated by information services. Actual, real world portfolios constructed from ARC's models would realize different returns based on local market conditions.


ARC reserves the right to deny access to any of her models, materials or website to any and all users. All materials of research and modeling presented on this website, related via verbal communications and printed material are owned by ARC. Please do not copy or cite our material without written permission from us.


ARC may use internet technologies to serve content to our clients and prospective clients. Many of these technologies employ cookies and some form of user tracking. The tracking is in order to facilitate ease of use or preferences. We do not explicitly collect users' names and information to sell to others. Additionally, some of the material on the website is password protected. The login details of such users are kept in storage on devices separate from the web server. ARC takes every precaution to safeguard its customers information. ARC's email campaign system is GDPR compliant and offers recipients the ability to remove themselves from company communications. Any concerns around information can be voiced to us via phone or email.

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